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PNR Tracker Pro is a complete solution for frequent travelers of Indian Railways. You can access your train ticket details even when you are offline, get notified whenever your ticket status is changed or chart is prepared and get timetable/live running information of any train!

You can track the changes to your reserved ticket by entering the PNR number. PNR Tracker Pro will automatically notify you whenever there is a change in train ticket status. No more manual checking of train ticket status!

You can also get the timetable and live running information of the train you are travelling. Additionally the app also has tools for getting the timetable, live running information, arrivals/departures at a station, ticket fare and seat availability of any train. You can also manage your own list of favourite trains.

All the features provided are highly optimized to ensure that you get accurate information as fast as possible. Our attempt is to create the fastest, most efficient and user friendly train app for Android.

Get it on Google PlayKey features of the app are,

  • Check status of your train ticket using PNR
  • Automatically tracks and notifies status change of train tickets
  • View train timetable and access it even when there is no Internet connection
  • View live train running status during journey
  • Search for a train using train number/train name
  • Manage a list of favourite trains
  • Access live running status of any train including your favourite trains
  • Train fare search
  • Train seat availability search
  • Get details of trains arriving and departing from a station in the next 12 hours
  • Book tickets using IRCTC mobile website
  • PNR Tracker Pro is designed to work in portrait and landscape orientations. Choose the mode convenient to you!

Technical Features (PNR Tracking)

  • PNR Tracker Pro automatically tracks changing status of a train ticket using PNR number. Any change is notified to the user via Android notifications feature. PNR Tracker Pro checks PNR status every 4 hours. However within 24 hours of the day of travel, the checking interval is reduced to about 90 minutes. This ensures that battery/bandwidth is optimally utilized and you are provided with latest information
  • Automatic checking is automatically turned off once chart is prepared
  • If Internet connection is not available at the scheduled checking time, the app will try to get latest status as soon as an active Internet connection is available. Hence if you keep data connection off most of the time, you can just turn on data connection and wait a couple of seconds to see whether there is a change in PNR status
  • PNR status can be updated any time by selecting manual refresh option. The automatic checking may be disabled to preserve battery life/bandwidth
  • All expired PNRs are automatically removed from PNR list 5 days after date of travel
  • PNR status and train timetable are locally cached and hence will always be available even when there is no Internet connection. However this also means that the data you are seeing may not be up to date
  • Live train running status is only available from 2 days before date of travel and up to 6 days after date of travel

Technical Features (Indian Railway Tools)

  • Train search – Enter minimum 3 characters of train number/train name
  • Train timetable – Train timetable is available for any train. Timetable is locally cached to make it available even when the device is offline
  • Train running status – Live train running status of any train is available. Please select a station on the route and the date on which the train is supposed to arrive at that station
  • Favourite trains – You can manage a list of favourite trains. The data is cached locally. You can refresh the train details by using the refresh option on the train timetable screen
  • Train fare search
  • Train seat availability search

Change Log

v 1.14

  • Arrivals/departures at a station
  • Book tickets using IRCTC mobile website
  • Enhancements to train live status and train schedule display

v 1.13

  • Train fare search
  • Train seat availability search

v 1.12

  • Search trains using train name or number
  • Get timetable of any train
  • Get live running status of any train
  • Manage favourite trains
  • Minor bug fixes

v 1.11

  • Bugfixes. Train live status is now more accurate.

v 1.1

  • Train live status is now available during journey.
  • Support added for Android 2.1 and 2.2 devices.

Privacy Policy

  • Our policy is not to collect or store any personal information about the users of our Android Applications and PNR Tracker Pro do not collect and send any personal information to us.
  • We have access to limited and anonymous statistical information about the use of our applications from Google Play and Admob/Analytics by Google.
  • PNR Tracker Pro may display AdMob(Google) banner advertising.  AdMob privacy policy is availabe here –

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